Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Omega Wars?
Omega Wars is a player vs player real time action strategy game. Select one of three races including the Phantoms, Demons or Humans. Each race has a unique ability and cards. Find the best combination and climb the leaderboards.

Is Omega Wars free to play?
Omega Wars is free to play. In game purchases are available to speed up some of the processes, buy items and rewards.

On which devices can I play Omega Wars?
Omega Wars is currently supported by iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

Will I lose all of my progress made so far when Omega Wars officially launches?
We are planning on letting all players keep their current game data after global launch, as it will be the most fair for everyone who has spent time/money on the game.

How do I know if my opponent is a hacker, or just overpowered?
When your opponent is completely dominating you and doesn't seem to take any damage and the opponent's cards are the same or lower level than yours, there is a chance of that player being a hacker. Please report this player to support@ludare.com and provide the replay number.

I think there's a hacker in my match! What should I do?
We take hackers very seriously. If you encounter any, please let us know at support@ludare.com and provide us with their player names and replay number, so we can investigate their accounts and prevent them from ruining the fun for everyone else!

How can I contact support for assistance?
Feel free to contact us through the in-game support button or by sending an email to support@ludare.com. However, please read through the FAQ before sending your message - your question may already be answered there!

Can I continue my game on a new device?
If you have connected your previous account to Google play or Gamecenter your account should be restored when you log on to a new device.

I have a suggestion/idea for you.
Great! We love hearing from the community. Get in touch with us through Discord, Facebook, Twitter or send us an email at support@ludare.com.

What do I get for subscribing?
Subscribing to the game you will receive 25 star gems for every free chest you open. You also gain the ability to shorten chest timers by 3 hours 3 times a day. Plus, you will get special emojis!