Beast Brawlers Now Available!

An Exhilarating Fun and Accessible MOBA Experience on iOS and Android. 

Real-time 4 player PvP Combat Designed for Mobile Competition, Now Available As a Free Download

Vancouver, B.C., Canada - April 20, 2017 - Beast Brawlers, the real-time multiplayer battle arena game by PiiK Games, is available now in North America, Europe, MENA and Latin America regions for iOS and Android devices.   Combining the fast-pace PvP action of battle arena games with built-for-mobile controls and gameplay, Beast Brawlers offers a fun, accessible, and intuitive MOBA experience for casual and competitive mobile gamers alike.   

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In Beast Brawlers, players can collect, upgrade, and master 9 unique Beasts as they progress through 11 Divisions and compete with rivals in limited-time Tournaments.  Beast Brawlers offers 3 unique 2-minute battle arena game modes:

  • Emerald Pit: 4-player Free-For-All arena action. Earn fan points by dealing damage and defeating other Beasts - points stack up with every consecutive KO.
  • Dark Forest: Explore the arena to pick up Orbs while fighting against 3 other opponents. Collect the most Orbs in 2 minutes to win while avoiding to get KO’ed.
  • Ice Cove: Team up with a friend or a fellow Clan member in this 2v2 arena battle. Break the Icebergs in the center of the map to find Orbs. Work with your teammate to collect Orbs while battling against the opposing team.

Voted as Top 10 game in 2017 at Google Play Indie Games Festival while being the only nominee still in Beta, Beast Brawlers has already developed a passionate community with thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube.  In celebration of the game’s wide launch, Beast Brawlers will be featuring live-streamed broadcasts and videos produced by popular content creators from both the mobile gaming community as well as its homegrown community.  The celebration will kick off with a Developer Live Stream on April 20th, which will feature a showmatch between players representing the League of Legends collegiate championship teams from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.  

“Beast Brawlers was created with the competitive experience in mind, as a game that is not just fun to play, but also fun to watch,” said Ted Mui, PiiK Games’ Chief Executive Officer. “The game is accessible in that it is easy to pick up and learn, but also challenging as players learn about the different strengths and synergies with each Beast, talent, and potion. This encourages players to not only keep playing, but also to seek out new strategies through watching others play.”

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