Update 1.2 - Arcane Coliseum


[Editor's Note on July 19, 2018 at 4:12 PM PST] Tournament is back up and running!

[Editor's Note on July 19, 2018 at 2:39 PM PST] Our developer team is currently working on a few fixes with the latest update. The tournament has been temporarily taken down and will be back up at a later time today. Apologies for any inconveniences or confusion!

The arena has expanded to 8 players with a shiny new coliseum, the beast collection received new features, and everyone can rejoice because the hog has been nerfed again!

Better put on your reading glasses for our most packed update yet. Read it all below or tune in to the next developer livestream on Friday July 20, 2018 on our Facebook page from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm PST for giveaways AND discussions on all the changes!


New 8 Player Arena

Yo hog, we heard you like 2v2s so we put a 2v2 in your 2v2 so that you can 2v2v2v2 in the Arcane Coliseum!

This arena pits four teams against each other to destroy the arcane crystals that spawn around the coliseum. The team that collects the most points from destroying crystals within two minutes will be victorious. BUT be careful with which beast you ride and when.. Because once the rider's beast is defeated, riders are forced to pick a different beast each time! Each beast can only be summoned by each rider once to the Arcane Coliseum due to the interference of strong arcane magic in the arena.


Players can compete in the new arena by joining the Deathmatch Tournament starting on Thursday July 19 at 2:00 pm PST and until Monday July 23, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST! Tap on Proxitus's message in your inbox to access the tournament. After the tournament ends on July 23, the Arcane Coliseum will officially enter the battle rotation. Master your crystal mining skills now, because more real-world prize tournaments will be coming soon to the Arcane Coliseum for players in the US!


Skin Shard Currency

We heard players wanted an option to sell and buy their skins. With the new shard currency system, players can sell excess skin pieces for skin shards and use the shards to immediately unlock their desired skins. In this way, players are essentially trading their excess skin pieces for new skin pieces to obtain a different skin. Check out this new feature in the "skins" tab of your collection page!


New Skins and Skin Sales

Along with the new skin shard system, we will be rolling out new skins every month and random skin sales! Here's a sneak peak of upcoming skins... can you tell which beasts will have new skins based on the picture below?


Balance Changes

Bear: We noticed that the Bear's burst damage was a bit too high so we decided to lower the burst but keep his damage consistent. The lower cooldown keeps the damage per second the same while also giving the Bear a little bit more mobility.

Charge damage: 200 dmg -> 180 dmg
Charge cooldown: 8 seconds -> 7 seconds

Phoenix: We have given a small increase in health to give the Phoenix a better opportunity to win matchups that the Phoenix is supposed to counter.

Base health: 438 HP -> 460 H

Hog: Life steal is in a better place since the last update but it is still a little too powerful. We decreased the heal by a small amount to increase counter play opportunities.

Life steal: 80% -> 75%

Update 1.1 - Ring of Fire


At long last, the Ring of Fire Arena has arrived! Ring of Fire is the first arena that will feature a dynamic environment, as giant rocks will be falling from the sky! Players will need to collect orbs that spawn from the giant rocks while avoiding to get crushed.

Similar to our other Orb-based arenas, players will need to collect the most Orbs within 2 minutes to win. However, as Orbs are fewer in number and only appear after a rock hits the ground, players will not score points for KOs, and only drop 1 orb for being KO'ed.

Our v1.1 update also introduces Limited Time Tournaments feature to Beast Brawlers! With the brand new Tournament system, players can expect to see more chances to compete and win prizes against fellow Riders. Each Limited Time Tournaments will feature different rules, ranging from changes from our standard scoring system to whacky rules that may dictate what Beasts you can take into battle!

To kick things off, our first Limited Time Tournament will have players compete exclusively in our brand new Ring of Fire Arena. Entrants will be able to play up to 12 matches, and earn Fame based on their podium position, # of KOs, and KO streak. The Ring of Fire Arena will officially enter the battle rotation at the end of the Limited Time Tournament.

Let us know what you think about our new Arena and Game Mode on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, or our ever popular Discord channel!

Our First Post-Launch Update is Here!

Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_10.04.18_PM copy.png

It is exciting times here at Beast Brawlers HQ! In the past 2 weeks, we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of new players to Beast Brawlers. With more and more battle in the arena, we also started noticing more bugs that had not been previously discovered. Our first post-launch update will (hopefully) fix the majority of these problems and provide a better gameplay experience for everyone. Here is what you will find new in this update:

Matchmaking Optimization: Everyone has probably noticed that players in lower divisions play the Ice Cove (2v2) Arena a lot more than players in higher divisions. This was not by design, but rather a flaw in our matching algorithm. We have made a number of adjustments now that will allow players in all divisions to have roughly the same chance to play all 3 types of Arenas. It will now also take new players more matches before unlocking Ice Cove.

Chat Fixes: Our chat system unexpectedly blew up during the first weekend of launch, and the Beast Team had to roll out a temporary fix that essentially disabled live updates on global chats (players had to restart the game before seeing a new message). This problem has now been resolved, so players can now resume their friendly banter on the global chat rooms. And no we did not make any changes to our infamous chat filter :P

Bug Fixes: Lots and lots of them. Thank you everyone for pointing out the bugs on our Discord channel - we know there's still a lot more that still requires fixing, so please keep 'em reports coming!

Balance Changes:

  • Dire Hog - Lifesteal ability reduced from 100% healing to 80% healing

  • Radiant Unicorn - Move Speed increased from 15 to 16

  • Lightning Steed - Health increased by 10%

Coinciding with our first post-launch update is our Gem Bounty Event, where players have the opportunity to hunt down our devs in-game to collect bounty rewards! Details for the Gem Bounty Event can be found here.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our ever popular Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!

Leveling the Playing Field in our March Update


For our March update, we concentrated on improving and fixing some of the key features of the game based on the feedback we have been receiving from the community. Below is a full recap of each of these changes:

Diamond Players with Over 3000 Fans will have Fans Reset to 3000 after Tournaments: Our intention for the game's tournament feature is to incentivize players to compete with similar-level opponents regularly for rewards. Resetting Fan count after every 7 days will allow our Diamond players to compete on a more level playing field, and give everyone a better chance to earn Tournament rewards.

As a Thank You reward for all of the Diamond players who have climbed endlessly up the ladder in the past months, the rewards of our 1st post-update Diamond Tournament will be exponentially higher than usual - and everyone will be rewarded! Enjoy the rewards and thank you again for the support!

Player Profile: Our first iteration of the Player Profile is finally here! By tapping on the Player Name, Players will now be able to see their Current Fans, Highest Fans, # of Battles, 1st Place Finishes, Best KO Count, and Most Used Beast! Players will now also be allowed to change their player name once - for a small fee!

Daily Chests: To encourage players to participate in more battles (especially while waiting for the chest timers!), we have now introduced an extra Daily Chest reward which will unlock once a player has completed 5 battles per day.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our new Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!

Our January Update is Here!


After months of hard work from the Beast Brawlers development team, our January update is finally here! Here is what you will find new in this update:

Beast Collision: You will finally feel the impact when you collide head-on with another Beast! With Beast Collision, players will no longer be dancing around in circles on top of each other. Ground Beasts will collide with other Ground Beasts, and Flying Beasts with collide with other Flying Beasts. Along with collision, players should now find attacks to be more accurate and responsive.

New Collections Screens: Show off your Beasts and Talents with our brand new Collections Screen! Our new collection screen is now more intuitive to use and easier to read.

Clan Season Update: A full breakdown of the changes for Season 2 can be found here.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our new Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!