Our First Post-Launch Update is Here!

Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_10.04.18_PM copy.png

It is exciting times here at Beast Brawlers HQ! In the past 2 weeks, we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of new players to Beast Brawlers. With more and more battle in the arena, we also started noticing more bugs that had not been previously discovered. Our first post-launch update will (hopefully) fix the majority of these problems and provide a better gameplay experience for everyone. Here is what you will find new in this update:

Matchmaking Optimization: Everyone has probably noticed that players in lower divisions play the Ice Cove (2v2) Arena a lot more than players in higher divisions. This was not by design, but rather a flaw in our matching algorithm. We have made a number of adjustments now that will allow players in all divisions to have roughly the same chance to play all 3 types of Arenas. It will now also take new players more matches before unlocking Ice Cove.

Chat Fixes: Our chat system unexpectedly blew up during the first weekend of launch, and the Beast Team had to roll out a temporary fix that essentially disabled live updates on global chats (players had to restart the game before seeing a new message). This problem has now been resolved, so players can now resume their friendly banter on the global chat rooms. And no we did not make any changes to our infamous chat filter :P

Bug Fixes: Lots and lots of them. Thank you everyone for pointing out the bugs on our Discord channel - we know there's still a lot more that still requires fixing, so please keep 'em reports coming!

Balance Changes:

  • Dire Hog - Lifesteal ability reduced from 100% healing to 80% healing

  • Radiant Unicorn - Move Speed increased from 15 to 16

  • Lightning Steed - Health increased by 10%

Coinciding with our first post-launch update is our Gem Bounty Event, where players have the opportunity to hunt down our devs in-game to collect bounty rewards! Details for the Gem Bounty Event can be found here.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our ever popular Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!