Update 1.1 - Ring of Fire


At long last, the Ring of Fire Arena has arrived! Ring of Fire is the first arena that will feature a dynamic environment, as giant rocks will be falling from the sky! Players will need to collect orbs that spawn from the giant rocks while avoiding to get crushed.

Similar to our other Orb-based arenas, players will need to collect the most Orbs within 2 minutes to win. However, as Orbs are fewer in number and only appear after a rock hits the ground, players will not score points for KOs, and only drop 1 orb for being KO'ed.

Our v1.1 update also introduces Limited Time Tournaments feature to Beast Brawlers! With the brand new Tournament system, players can expect to see more chances to compete and win prizes against fellow Riders. Each Limited Time Tournaments will feature different rules, ranging from changes from our standard scoring system to whacky rules that may dictate what Beasts you can take into battle!

To kick things off, our first Limited Time Tournament will have players compete exclusively in our brand new Ring of Fire Arena. Entrants will be able to play up to 12 matches, and earn Fame based on their podium position, # of KOs, and KO streak. The Ring of Fire Arena will officially enter the battle rotation at the end of the Limited Time Tournament.

Let us know what you think about our new Arena and Game Mode on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, or our ever popular Discord channel!