Leveling the Playing Field in our March Update


For our March update, we concentrated on improving and fixing some of the key features of the game based on the feedback we have been receiving from the community. Below is a full recap of each of these changes:

Diamond Players with Over 3000 Fans will have Fans Reset to 3000 after Tournaments: Our intention for the game's tournament feature is to incentivize players to compete with similar-level opponents regularly for rewards. Resetting Fan count after every 7 days will allow our Diamond players to compete on a more level playing field, and give everyone a better chance to earn Tournament rewards.

As a Thank You reward for all of the Diamond players who have climbed endlessly up the ladder in the past months, the rewards of our 1st post-update Diamond Tournament will be exponentially higher than usual - and everyone will be rewarded! Enjoy the rewards and thank you again for the support!

Player Profile: Our first iteration of the Player Profile is finally here! By tapping on the Player Name, Players will now be able to see their Current Fans, Highest Fans, # of Battles, 1st Place Finishes, Best KO Count, and Most Used Beast! Players will now also be allowed to change their player name once - for a small fee!

Daily Chests: To encourage players to participate in more battles (especially while waiting for the chest timers!), we have now introduced an extra Daily Chest reward which will unlock once a player has completed 5 battles per day.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our new Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!