Our January Update is Here!


After months of hard work from the Beast Brawlers development team, our January update is finally here! Here is what you will find new in this update:

Beast Collision: You will finally feel the impact when you collide head-on with another Beast! With Beast Collision, players will no longer be dancing around in circles on top of each other. Ground Beasts will collide with other Ground Beasts, and Flying Beasts with collide with other Flying Beasts. Along with collision, players should now find attacks to be more accurate and responsive.

New Collections Screens: Show off your Beasts and Talents with our brand new Collections Screen! Our new collection screen is now more intuitive to use and easier to read.

Clan Season Update: A full breakdown of the changes for Season 2 can be found here.

Many more new features and improvements are still in the works, so be sure to keep up with the latest from our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our new Discord channel!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support!