Ludare is Powering Play for the next generation of top-tier games.

Ludare Games Group is a Canadian gaming company focused on delivering exceptional and world-class gaming experiences to players around the world. We are a premier publisher of top-tier mobile games, and combine our group’s experience with innovative technological solutions and strategic partnerships that allow us to build and scale games globally in a sustainable, profitable, and data-driven manner.

We sit at the unique intersection of technology and entertainment, where science meets art. Ludare focuses on the science behind building and scaling games, and works with third-party development studios who excel in the creative development process.





Ludare is committed to providing a world class entertainment experience to gamers around the world. This commitment is reflected in the quality of our products, our community building initiatives, and our customer support.

Global Scalability

We chart the path to scale our products in every continent. We leverage technology to allow us to do so. We draw from our roots in the West, in Asia, and in Emerging Markets to build games for the world.


Cutting-Edge Technology

We are futurists who believe in leveraging technology to create unique experiences and business models. We power every product at Ludare with our core technology to deliver innovative experiences to our customers and sustainable returns to our stakeholders.

Lasting Experiences

Ludare builds games for the long run. We combine our business and technical infrastructure with the best development partners around the world to operate games that are played and scaled for years as a Games-as-a-Service model .




Vincy Kwong

Vincy leads Operations at Ludare, and is extensively familiar with all aspects of product development, mobile publishing, and user acquisition scaling. She oversees the production and operations of all Ludare’s products and processes to ensure that Ludare can maximize success with all partners. Previously, she was Head of Production at V2 Games, launching and scaling PAC-MAN Bounce and other titles to over 20 million downloads, while handling all aspects of operations at the studio.

Amar Kurani

Amar oversees all Technology decisions at Ludare, automating what can be automated and adding in stringent processes for that which cannot be. Amar makes sure that Technology is not just powering great products, but also great processes for publishing and growth. Previously, Amar spent seven years in technology leadership roles at various gaming startups, with five years as a senior engineer at Electronic Arts prior to that.


Ted Mui

Ted leads Growth at Ludare. With extensive experience in both performance as well as influencer marketing, Ted brings a unique approach to growth for Ludare’s products. He marries cutting-edge data-driven campaigns for optimizing ROAS with extensive relationships with strategic influencers in both Asia and the West. Ted was previously a Sr. Product Manager at Zynga, and was also the organizer of Canada’s first mobile esports championship.