Ludare Games Group is a consortium of entrepreneurs that operate a network of ventures in the games ecosystem.


We partner with genre-leading development studios and globally recognizable intellectual property to deliver world-class mobile entertainment experiences.

We leverage technology to elevate game experiences and the processes around running and scaling mobile games.

We understand the challenges around succeeding in the games ecosystem, and bring our diverse expertise, wide network, and vast experience to maximize success for our partners.






About Ludare

Ludare is Powering Play for the next generation of top-tier games and online entertainment experiences.

We are a Canadian gaming company focused on delivering exceptional and world-class gaming experiences to players around the world. We sit at the unique intersection of technology and entertainment, where science meets art. Ludare focuses on the science behind building and scaling games, and works with third-party development studios who excel in the creative development process.




Contact Us

We actively seek to partner with genre-leading development studios and globally recognizable intellectual property. If you would like to get in touch to explore business opportunities, discuss a media release, or if you represent a product that uniquely leverages technology to elevetae game experiences or the processes around running scaling mobile games, please use the form on the right. You can also find us at major gaming events, and we’d be happy to meet you there.

This form is for general business enquiries. If you are seeking support for one of our games, please visit our Customer Support portal.